Strategic Consulting for Associations

In today’s complex and constantly changing landscape, associations face the challenge of adapting quickly without losing sight of their long-term goals. At MICE Consulting, we understand that the key to successfully navigating this environment lies in innovation, transformation, and effective leadership. With over two decades of experience, we offer customized strategies that not only help you manage change but also thrive in it.

New Association Activations

At MICE Consulting, we assist you in the successful launch of new associations by creating strategic roadmaps. Our approach focuses on identifying the critical paths that will enable you to effectively achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Strategic Planning

At MICE Consulting, we take the lead in designing mitigation and adaptation strategies customized for each organization. Our goal is to ensure that your association continues to thrive, even in the face of global transformations impacting the sector.


Our services include:


  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resource
  • Planning
  • Brand
  • Development
  • Membership Strategies
  • Disruption and Interruption Mitigation

Membership Development

At MICE Consulting, we conduct a comprehensive review of your membership strategy and operations. Our approach is designed to ensure that your services remain relevant to your members and help you achieve your association’s goals.


Our services include:


  • Engagement Strategies
  • Membership Coaching and Internal Training
  • Meeting and Event Coordination
  • Program and Event Development
  • Current Membership Model Audit
  • Member Acquisition and Retention Strategies

Regional and Local Association Development

At MICE Consulting, we create specific development programs for associations, focusing on elevating professionalism standards in association management. Additionally, we support the formation of executive societies for associations at the national and regional levels to foster a culture of excellence in the sector.

Legacy Planning and Management

At MICE Consulting, we design strategies to enhance your association’s legacy and create value for all stakeholders.

We use our industry-leading experience to offer a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Legacy Planning and Management: We establish a strategic plan to ensure a lasting and meaningful legacy.
  • Legacy Impact Methods and Measurement: We use key performance indicators to measure the real impact of legacy initiatives.
  • Impact and Legacy Clinics: We offer specialized sessions to evaluate and improve the impact and legacy of your association.

Sponsor Developmentvvv

At MICE Consulting, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your association’s programs and activities to identify monetization opportunities through sponsorships and improvements through strategic partnerships.


Our comprehensive approach includes:


  • RFP (Request for Proposals) Support: We assist you in drafting and managing proposals to maximize sponsorship and partnership opportunities.
  • Destination Selection: We help you choose the most suitable destination for your events and activities, considering a variety of key factors.
  • Support Service Acquisition: We guide you in selecting and contracting additional services that can enhance your programs.
  • Program Support: We offer continuous support to ensure the success of your programs and activities, from planning to execution.

Operations Consulting

At MICE Consulting, we go beyond simple evaluation to focus on creating new value and establishing business models that are both adaptable and resilient.


Our specialized services include:


  • Health Check Clinics: We conduct comprehensive evaluations to determine the operational and strategic health of your association.
  • Governance Review: We evaluate your governance structures to ensure they are effective and aligned with your long-term goals.
  • Facilitated Workshops: We offer specialized workshops to address specific areas of improvement and foster innovation and adaptability in your organization.

Internal Management and Talent Selection

At MICE Consulting, we understand that the right talent is crucial for the success of any association.


That is why we offer:


  • Executive Recruitment: We help you identify and hire the most suitable leaders who align with your organization’s vision and objectives.
  • Interim Management: We provide temporary management solutions to ensure a smooth transition during periods of change or executive vacancies, ensuring your organization continues to operate efficiently.


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