Specialized Consulting for Convention and Exhibition Centers

The success of a convention and exhibition center is not by chance; it is nurtured by key elements such as strategic location, cutting-edge facilities, destination attractions, and, above all, effective management and marketing. With over two decades of experience, MICE Consulting has established itself as the strategic partner of choice, collaborating with both public and private sector developers and operators to bring successful projects to fruition on a global scale.

Strategic Consulting for Facility Projects

Whether you are planning a new project or looking to expand an existing facility, our Strategic Consulting for Facility Projects service offers you a comprehensive and data-driven analysis to make informed decisions.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Supply and Demand Analysis: Leveraging our extensive industry relationships, we offer market advisory backed by deep insights into potential users, market needs, and operational considerations.
  • Building Configuration Specifications: We develop detailed specifications that respond to market needs, ensuring your facility is optimized for success.
  • Multifaceted Research: We combine desk research with primary research, consulting with a variety of stakeholders from meeting planners to conference and exhibition organizers.
  • Comprehensive Market Vision: Our research approach allows us to develop a clear and complete market vision, enabling you to make strategic informed decisions.

With MICE Consulting, you will get a facility project strategy that is both comprehensive and tailored to the unique realities and challenges of your target market.

Competitive Analysis and Destination Evaluation

In the highly competitive world of conventions and meetings, a deep understanding of the market landscape is crucial. Our Competitive Analysis and Destination Evaluation service provides you with a comprehensive assessment to ensure your facility is not only viable but also competitive.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Competitive Landscape: We conduct a detailed analysis of facilities at the local, national, and regional levels, as well as current and future trends, to assess your market position.
  • 10-Point Evaluation: We use a set of key criteria to evaluate your destination’s attractiveness for conventions, ensuring you meet client expectations.
  • Community Attribute Profile: We analyze a variety of factors, from economic and aesthetic aspects to convention-related infrastructure like hotel room inventory and air access.
  • Promotional Support: We evaluate the level of promotional support available, helping you better understand how to maximize your destination’s visibility and appeal.

With MICE Consulting, you will get a competitive analysis and destination evaluation that provides you with the necessary tools to make informed and strategic decisions.

Feasibility Studies

Convention and exhibition centers are more than just event spaces; they are economic and social engines that drive professional development, commerce, research, and more. Our service is designed to provide you with a comprehensive financial and economic analysis to maximize these benefits.


What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Occupancy and Revenue Analysis: We evaluate the potential occupancy and revenue of events at different scales, from local to international, to develop an optimized annual event calendar.
  • Pricing Strategy: We establish pricing levels based on detailed market analysis, ensuring your center is competitive and profitable.
  • Operating Expense Breakdown: We provide a detailed analysis of all operating expenses, from facility management to sales and marketing.
  • Investment and Economic Benefit Analysis: When necessary, we conduct a capital investment analysis and an economic benefit analysis that the center could bring, from employment to tax revenues.

With MICE Consulting, you will get a comprehensive and data-driven vision that allows you to make informed decisions for the long-term success of your convention and exhibition center.

Comprehensive Site Evaluation for New Facilities

If you are in the early stages of selecting a site for your new facility, our Comprehensive Site Evaluation service offers an in-depth analysis to ensure your choice maximizes marketing potential, operational efficiency, and long-term success of your project.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Detailed SWOT Analysis: We conduct a thorough review of the proposed site, including a SWOT analysis, to offer recommendations that address your specific concerns.
  • Collaboration with Key Stakeholders: We work closely with your team and other key stakeholders, such as government officials and planners, to develop comprehensive solutions.
  • Planning Solutions: We address critical issues like road access, complementary developments, surrounding infrastructure, and planning needs for future expansions.

With MICE Consulting, you will get a site evaluation that not only identifies the best locations for your project but also provides you with a detailed plan to address any challenges that may arise.

Optimal Design Consulting for Operational Efficiency

The design of your facility is a crucial factor for its operational efficiency and long-term success. Our Optimal Design Consulting service offers a comprehensive approach that combines the perspectives of both the developer and the operator.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Collaborative Approach: We work closely with your team, architects, engineers, and other specialized consultants to ensure the final design meets the needs of your current and future clients.
  • Quantitative Evaluation: We provide quantitative evaluations of key features and elements, offering recommendations to improve operational efficiency.
  • Facility Specifications: We make detailed recommendations on the configuration and size of different spaces, from exhibition areas to ballrooms and lobbies.
  • Design Review Workshops: We use structured workshops to review and generate innovative design solutions collaboratively.

With MICE Consulting, you will get a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and efficient, ensuring the long-term operational success of your facility.

Space Management and Operator Selection Consulting

The success of a convention and exhibition center does not end with its construction; it is crucial to have a highly competent management team. Our service offers expert guidance in selecting the most appropriate operational model for your facility.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Operational Model Selection: We evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different operational models to recommend the one that best suits your location, target market, and mission.
  • Balance of Control and Experience: Our recommended model seeks a balance between property control and facility management experience.
  • Operator Acquisition Support: Thanks to our relationships with leading facility operators, we assist you in the bidding, evaluation, and negotiation process to find the most suitable operator.

With MICE Consulting, you will get not only a well-built convention and exhibition center but also an effective management model that guarantees its long-term success.

Pre-Opening Planning Support

The pre-opening phase of a convention and exhibition center is crucial for ensuring successful operations. Our Pre-Opening Planning and Strategy service offers a complete set of recommendations and operational insights to ensure your facility opens on the right foot.

Apoyo a la planificación preapertura

La fase previa a la apertura de un centro de convenciones y exposiciones es crucial para garantizar un funcionamiento exitoso. Nuestro servicio de Planificación y Estrategia Pre-Apertura te ofrece un conjunto completo de recomendaciones e insights operativos para asegurar que tu instalación abra sus puertas con el pie derecho.


Nuestro equipo analizará las diferentes posibilidades para brindar soluciones acordes a los objetivos planteados.