Consulting for Destinations

Development and Support for Bid Strategies

With a proven track record of success, MICE Consulting specializes in guiding clients through the complex landscape of international conventions. Our experts delve into your business to identify unique opportunities, design impeccable bid strategies, and provide invaluable market insights.

If you are a company, destination, or venue looking to conquer international markets, we have the solution for you. Our collaborative approach focuses on enhancing your team’s skills, offering a full range of services from opportunity identification to qualification and prioritization.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:

  • A global team of experts with deep industry connections.
  • Detailed convention analysis and intelligence reports for bids.
  • Customized processes and templates for opportunity qualification.
  • Expert guidance in CRM system development.
  • Specialized training programs in opportunity generation.

Success in bids is not accidental; it is built on a solid strategy, meticulous research, and a genuine commitment to the client’s needs. We partner with you to create bid strategies that not only consider all critical success factors but are also based on a deep understanding of your client’s specific needs.


What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Comprehensive bid strategies, from forming effective committees to preparing impressive site visits.
  • Full support in managing the bid process, including staff training to strengthen internal knowledge and expertise.
  • High-quality bid documentation, impactful presentations, and specialized training in presentation techniques and bid responses.

Local Leaders and Ambassadors Development Program

In the competitive world of international conventions, local influence can be a key differentiator. Our Local Leaders and Ambassadors Development Program not only involves local industry leaders but also maximizes their impact to make them catalysts for your organization’s success.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Strategic Program Design: We develop a custom program that aligns with your strategic objectives, from selecting and recruiting ambassadors to effective retention and management.
  • Implementation and Facilitation: Our team of experts handles ambassador onboarding, workshops, and key activities to ensure a successful program.
  • Specialized Advice: With our deep experience and international network, we offer strategic advice to maximize the impact of your ambassador activities.

With MICE Consulting, you not only get an ambassador program; you get an ecosystem of influence designed to boost your bid strategies and open new business opportunities.

Sub-Brand Consulting for the Industry

In the competitive world of business events, a strong sub-brand can be the key to standing out. At MICE Consulting, we specialize in creating and refining sub-brands for business events that resonate both locally and internationally.


What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Active Stakeholder Participation: We ensure that all stakeholders are aligned and committed to the new brand strategy, maximizing its effectiveness.
  • Global Insights and Market Support: Leverage our global experience to gain market insights that will enrich your brand strategy.
  • Strategic Guidance for Creative Teams: We offer clear and detailed instructions for your creative agency or internal team, covering everything from brand development to its application in advertising and marketing materials.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support: Our team is here to support your creative agency and/or internal marketing team at every stage of the process.

With MICE Consulting, you will get not just a sub-brand but an integrated brand strategy that positions you as a leader in the business events market.

Business Strategy Development for Destinations

In the global business events arena, a well-defined long-term strategy is essential for sustained success. At MICE Consulting, we specialize in the development and continuous refinement of strategic business plans that maximize the economic and competitive impact of your destination.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Multisectoral Participation: We involve government and industry stakeholders to ensure an inclusive and effective strategy.
  • In-depth Competitive Analysis: We evaluate the competitive landscape to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Target Market Focus: We identify and prioritize target markets that offer the greatest return on investment potential.
  • Development of Strategic Roadmaps: We set long-term goals, KPIs, and roadmaps that guide your strategy towards success.
  • Trend Insights and Best Practices: We provide valuable information on the latest market trends and industry best practices.
    With MICE Consulting, you will get a strategic business plan that is not only comprehensive and data-driven but also tailored to the unique realities and challenges of your destination.

Industry Partnership Development Program

In the competitive field of international meetings and events, an integrated and collaborative approach is essential for success. Our Industry Partnership Program is designed to unify the local event ecosystem and enhance your global competitiveness.

Product Development

In the meetings industry, an exceptional product or service can lose its impact if not properly defined and presented. Our Product and Service Optimization service is designed to maximize the potential of your offerings and create unforgettable experiences for your clients.

What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Comprehensive Product Review: We conduct a thorough analysis of your products and services to identify improvement and optimization opportunities.
  • Workshops with Leading Suppliers: We organize workshops with your key suppliers to align strategies and improve product presentation.
  • Client Feedback Forum: We create a forum with high-potential international buyers to obtain valuable feedback that can enhance your product and its presentation.
    Product Showcase Tours: We facilitate tours where suppliers can showcase their products directly to clients, gathering real-time feedback.
  • Development of Innovative Products: We work with you and your suppliers to develop new products that not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

With MICE Consulting, you will get an optimized product strategy that not only enhances your current offerings but also drives the creation of new and innovative solutions.

Sales Representation

In the competitive world of international conventions and meetings, local relationships are crucial for success. Our Sales Representation in Strategic Markets service provides you with that indispensable local presence, especially in markets where maintaining a dedicated office is not feasible.


What MICE Consulting Offers You:


  • Global Presence, Local Focus: We have a team of sales experts in the world’s most important markets, representing your interests effectively and efficiently.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: We offer scalable solutions that adapt to your needs, from part-time representation to dedicated full-time sales teams.
  • Opportunity Generation: We specialize in generating high-quality leads, offer research, and impactful presentations.
  • Industry Event Participation: We ensure your presence at relevant trade shows, sales missions, and roadshows to maximize exposure and business opportunities.
  • Relationship and Communication Management: We maintain and strengthen relationships with key clients and media, ensuring your message reaches the right audiences.

With MICE Consulting, you will get more than just sales representation in the market; you will get a strategic partner committed to your success in global markets.

Representación de ventas

En el competitivo mundo de las convenciones y reuniones internacionales, las relaciones locales son cruciales para el éxito. Nuestro servicio de Representación de Ventas en Mercados Estratégicos te brinda esa presencia local indispensable, especialmente en merados donde no es viable mantener una oficina dedicada.


Nuestro equipo analizará las diferentes posibilidades para brindar soluciones acordes a los objetivos planteados.